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WWE Power Rankings


As a founding member of WWE.com’s Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences, which has been responsible for the site’s Power Rankings since 2004, I figured I was still somewhat moderately qualified to offer my own version of the rankings. Like WWE.com’s version, rankings are cumulatively based on victories, quality of opposition, momentum, overall in-ring dominance, and the ever-important intangibles.

  1. Daniel Bryan
  2. John Cena
  3. Evolution
  4. The Shield
  5. The Wyatt Family
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  6. The Usos
  7. Cesaro
  8. Kane
  9. Big E
  10. Rob Van Dam
  11. Bad News Barrett
  12. Brock Lesnar
  13. Jack Swagger
  14. Sheamus
  15. Big Show
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  16. Rybaxel
  17. Alexander Rusev
  18. Alberto Del Rio
  19. Los Matadores
  20. Dolph Ziggler
  21. Goldust & Cody Rhodes
  22. Santino Marella
  23. Fandango
  24. Kofi Kingston
  25. Mark Henry
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Rusev’s lack of a facial expression while applying his finisher says so much more than screaming and yelling.

No comment on Sin Cara’s facial expression.